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The importance of graphing calculators (and technological literacy, among other things)

Well, my experience with these wonderful pieces of technology extends from grade 12 math, where they were alternately used for complex calculations of probability and as vessels for basic space alien video games. Little did I know I would encounter … Continue reading

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What I choose to invest in: Invest in my Perspective

If you agree with my perspective and want to support it please click through to here. To preface, I hate asking people for money. So what am I doing, asking for your participation in this year’s EWB Perspectives Campaign? Asking … Continue reading

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The Fellowship of the…DDAs

I am an avid fan of Lord of the Rings, so whenever I hear “the Fellowship” I cannot help but jumping to conclusions. In reality (never as cool as Middle Earth?), the Fellowship here in Ghana refers to the DDA … Continue reading

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Criticality and the small successes of Janine

Being critical is one of my strong points. I love to take a look at a plan and try to poke as many holes in it as possible, be thorough in my approach so as to mitigate all of the … Continue reading

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Quiet Days

There are some days when there are only one, or two, or no people at all at the office. On these days the only sounds you can hear are the rustling of the trees in the wind, the buzzing of … Continue reading

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On Vision

One of the things is striking about an organization that has the size, geographic expanse, and complexity that Engineers Without Borders has is the intensity of the vision that is inside each person, and their willingness to own and express … Continue reading

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My friend Gani, malnutrition, and the merit of soya beans

My friend Gani is nineteen or twenty, but looks like he’s fourteen. I can’t believe it when his family tells me his actual age, my eyes are betraying me. I ask why, why is his appearance so different from many … Continue reading

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The Problem of Access

Sometimes we talk about access to technology, to education, to a strong job market, to a number of complex ideas that require substantial institutions and planning and cultural integration to succeed. Yes, I’ve seen some of these things at play … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Firstly, thank you for your replies. They were great to read, and somehow beautiful. I feel your support speak through them. I’m sorry I could not keep my commitment to post this on time; between lights out (no electricity) at … Continue reading

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EWB Work Pt. 2: The nitty gritty details.

WARNING: After the first several paragraphs, this post gets detailed. It really is the nitty gritty details, on a basic level, of the problems and activities I’ll be engaged in for my placement. So continue, but you’ve been warned… 🙂 … Continue reading

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