So, out of all of the severe disappointments I’ve ever had in my life, the biggest reasons have been because of poor expectations. And the greatest highs were because of expectations also, those met or exceeded. So they seem to be pretty important to me.

This is the place I’ll share my expectations for myself and my chapter, and theirs for me.

Chapter expectations for me

1. Don’t get malaria too many times

2. Attempt to make a connection within the Ghana school system to start a sister schools project

3. Update my blog regularly

4. Ask, and answer, questions for the chapter to engage in

5. Participate in JF selection for 2012

6. Have fun

7. Don’t get stabbed (thanks Jack)

My expectations for me

1. Endeavour to live up to chapter expectations

2. Look at learning and impact not as mutually exclusive, but rather learning as a path to impact

3. Make relationships with real people. These will be the fuel and motivation.

4. Be careful about my assumptions. Tread lightly and create more questions than statements.

5. Make connecting to Canada and my chapter a focus while I’m overseas. This includes posting on this blog at least twice a week.

6. Contribute to learning within my sector team and across sector teams, in both African and Canadian Programs.

My expectations for the Chapter (and anyone else who is reading this, really)

1. Read my posts, and challenge yourself to ask me a question, or examine an assumption

2. Comment on my blog. Every indication that my work is being read means the world to me.

3. Think and talk about how your work in Canada and my work in Ghana is similar

4. Skype me at least once a month. Make it count!

5. Take issues I am thinking about in Ghana and learn about them as Member Learning

6. Keep me updated on Chapter/Canada excitement! 

These lists are not necessarily complete. Please feel free to post any suggestions or omissions and I will include them. They may change over time as well. At the Western Africa Retreat (WAR) in mid-September I will review how everyone including me has been holding up their ends of the bargain and do a mini-report.


What do you think?

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