This blog is intended to be a method of sharing of thoughts, ideas, questions, and findings throughout my experience as a Junior Fellow of EWB Canada. This means before, during, and after the 4-month overseas placement which I will be doing in Fall 2011 (18 months total, starting January 2011).

My header photo is a picture of my house, and the tree that shades our small gatherings during the hot days. On the side there are pictures of maize, and groundnuts, both of which have been good teachers in calluses and perseverance. I know how to harvest and process these crops and they are my staple foods. Very important in my life so far in Ghana.

The first photo I had as a header was a kite, which represents to me a kind of adventure with real joyfulness and childlike pleasure. It also has some real limits though. It’s important for me to recognise my own limits, and take this JF program as a real chance and opportunity to flourish and grow, but remember that I’m not in fact invincible, that I have limits of what I can do, and where I can go. I also liked the colours, and it reminds me of my role with Reslife this past year, which holds some good memories.

If I could channel an animal that was actually a machine, I would choose a Scooping Mantis, as depicted below. Super awesome.


What do you think?

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