Who needs the money?

A list of such magnitude it is hard to capture in the headspace I have to work with. When the arguments get down to which is more expressive of initiative and commitment, national athletics medals, RCM grade 8 piano, or directing the school musical 3 years running? When things begin to look “unimpressive” where really it’s a relative term comparing students who all achieve a 95% average in classes and add superior extracurriculars. When overcoming adversity is an exercise in judging others’ personal journeys in a long list of deserving recipients, selection for scholarship winners for 17 and 18 year-olds entering SFU is a mind-numbing exercise in rewarding deserving potential.

A list of such magnitude is hard to capture in the headspace that I have to work with. Living with an unfamiliar family as you’re going to school, spending money is scarce and scraping together money to go home for the holiday week is seemingly impossible when the friend that was supposed to bring it on the bus from your hometown gets in a traffic accident and can’t make it. When studying happens minimum several hours per day, in addition to the 7 hours you attend school. And the amount of time spent on schoolwork begins to look unimpressive because relative to their classmates they are on par, and differentiating between each student is only helpful if you take into account the absence of teachers in classrooms, the prevalence of self-directed study, and the shaky foundations of knowledge each grade provides. Yet when the private exams for post-secondary eligibility come along, the test which rewards deserving potential, an even playing field is impossible despite the standardized format. Because can you really compare the self-taught politics and econ major that is the top of his class and the chemical and agriculture student who is struggling with orbital hybridization because electrons were never explained properly?

How do we qualify someone to be deserving of investment?

How does investment in systems to evaluate students based on holistic criteria strengthen the SFU scholarship offers?

What would the $24,000 Shrum Major Entrance Scholarship do if disbursed to deserving high school candidates in Ghana?


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What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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