Following the international news

I’m browsing online, having discovered the power of the internet to deliver news and ideas halfway across the world, to places where I’m missing the usual dialogue of the people I go to in order to obtain my news, my sense of what is globally important.

Which brings me into a very close relationship with procrastination, and my laptop. I love being able to learn at breakneck speed accessing myriad resources enabled by this electronic device, but I don’t feel fulfilled by my new relationship with electronics, and discourse around articles that move me makes me frustrated; it’s hard to find well-reasoned responses on an internet comment list. Yet my natural repositories of wisdom are not easily available so I settle for the far second best.


cute, right?And because of this yearning for knowledge, I’m neglecting the work sitting waiting for me. Whether it is reading about recent Canadian drug policy and the plans for an omnibus crime bill as I’m sitting in my office space in Ghana, or considering the implications of negative media imaging of Africa and the (alleged) death of Malawi’s president ensconced in an SFU study space, somehow the theoretical models that I’m supposed to be grappling with can do no more but serve as a source of guilt, as technology adoption and grizzly bear translocation lie limply on the backburner of my mind.

Where does the value tradeoff balance this long-term theory that I’ve generally ascribed to vs. my apparent addiction to the present? Where do I regain my relevance where I creatively interact with the abstract learning and inject my current knowledge and connections?


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What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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