Those moments of feelings

Ever get that sick to your stomach feeling when you remember something you never should have forgotten?

Ever get that warm fuzzy feeling from the look of someone who you know will love you unconditionally?

Ever get that sharp needle of adrenaline when you debate with someone who thinks the opposite opinion?

Ever get that feeling of rightness, and righteousness, of sitting in your comfortable place?

Ever get that gnawing anxiety over a decision that can’t come too soon?

Ever feel so much in one moment that it’s hard to explain?

Moments, as fleeting as they can be, are an important piece of the woven fabric of life, and paying attention to them is important, to draw insight into the situation at hand, but also to tug the threads of trends together.

For the next while I’m going to try to pay attention to the moments I encounter and pair them with similar ones that I experienced in Ghana. We’ll see how this experiment turns out…


About Janine Reid

What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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