Opportunity Costs in Canada

“life’s like an hourglass glued to the table”

As time is slipping away under me, I’m remembering to breathe as I think of all the missed opportunities I’ve had this past semester, not due to negligence, but merely to a surplus of opportunities I access.

I want to have had the chance to call my family in Karaga, more than the few times I’ve managed.

I want to have called back my friend Rafik each time he’s called me.

I want to have kept tabs and support on the innovative work my office in Karaga has been doing this past harvesting season.

I want to have called the few good friends that I have in Karaga that I haven’t connected with yet.

Yet where did that time go?

Into essays for classes I’ve vowed to put all effort into. Into cobbling together a study pattern that leaves me disappointed in my performances. Into a fantastic set of original theory about how mosquitoes make feeding decisions when threatened with danger. How could I not focus on school when I’ve seen my housemates put mammoth efforts into their high school studies?

Into my chapter at SFU, which arguably has had more stories and African programs info to absorb than is possible in the past few months. How could I not when it was their investment in me that’s allowed these opportunities I’m missing?

Into my friends and family here in Canada, which deserve my love and attention. How could I not?

Opportunity cost is a fickle thing, making a life seem unbalanced, potential seem unfulfilled, and an urge to deliver on things that may be undeliverable.Image

bet you wouldn’t be able to identify this skull by species…well I can.


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What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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