Finding Closure

The setting here is breathtaking. The sea and the smell and the humid breeze is as if Vancouver welcoming me back from across the planet.

Part of me is saying take me back to the North, I’ve left myself behind there. And part of me is saying take me home, I need to be there again.

We’re here in Cape Coast, a city in the south of Ghana, for our three-day in-country debriefing session. It’s important for us as Fellows to be able to start distancing ourselves from our work and life of the past 4 months in order to look at it more clearly, but to be able to do this in an environment where we’re with people that can understand where we’re coming from, and where we’re not freezing our asses off.

It’ll be the slow start to the reminiscing about our time in Ghana, and the rumbling start to re-integrating into Canadian life. Wish me luck, and see you soon.


About Janine Reid

What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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