Village Stay Grand Challenge!

I am happy to announce that you all have 2 short days to post here/email me challenges to undertake during my village stay, occurring this Wednesday to Friday the 23rd-25th of November.

In an attempt to more deeply understand the lives that rural farmers live, and thus inform my opinions and give context to my experiences and work, I will be spending 3 full days with the family that I have come to know and love. This strategically fits into the dwindling time in my placement, the fact that I am now quite uninhibited with them and they are similarly inclined to allow me to participate in activities, and the realization that I don’t really have a good conception of what they’re up to during the day when I’m off in Karaga at work.

So I’m going to stay 3 days without venturing out to Karaga, tailing targeted people that are part of my family, to see and do what they do.

But just hanging out with the people I have come to know and love won’t really cut it. I really want to push myself to learn more about them, and appreciate the work that they do every day. And so, here is where the Grand Challenge comes in.

For every challenge you set, I will try my darndest to complete. I need things that are simple, things that are difficult, and things that are ridiculous and/or complex. For each task I complete, I will reward myself with a cookie, take a picture if possible, and chalk it up on my success wall. Feel free to reward me as well!

So, to recap. Your role: set me challenges to try to complete during my three days stay. Specify a reward if you are so inclined. My role: attempt to complete as many challenges as possible, and eat plenty cookies.

The Challenge is ON!

Note: no electricity in Nangong-ayili means that I will not have phone or internet access probably by Thursday or Friday. That means you MUST pose your challenges AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!

EDIT: Challenges Received so far

  1. Carry a full bucket of water on my head, with minimal spillage
  2. Carry a baby on my back (wrapped in cloth)
  3. Numbers 1 and 2 combined
  4. Ask for a second bowl (helping) of TZ
  5. Catch a live adult chicken or guinea fowl
  6. Make TZ, pound ingredients for soup
  7. Learn a local song that comes with a dance
  8. Walk to the farm (try to get one at least 7-10km away)
  9. Set a fire using firewood



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What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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2 Responses to Village Stay Grand Challenge!

  1. maxipowghana says:

    Great Idea!!

    Sorry for being such a jerk but I would like to challenge you on the food side… ooo Yeah!

    I want you to ask for a second bowl of TZ 🙂

    -Picture of the two empty bowl would be appreciated haha

    Good luck my friend!

    • Janine Reid says:

      I am actually laughing so hard at this. I don’t know if it is physically possible, but I will definitely attempt. I want to clarify, I must ask for a second bowl only after I have finished the first? Also, from your initial wording it seems that I must only have to ask for it, but not finish it. As much as this clarification may hurt my chances of completion, what did you mean exactly? Looking forward to this attempt for sure! And the surprised looks on the faces of my family!

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