Just to prove that I’m still here, I’ve decided to find the few photos that I have of myself and put them up. I haven’t been taking many photos in general, preferring to live the experience rather than try to capture it on film, and asking people to take photos of me is just plain awkward. So consider yourselves lucky!

Here I am at the farm a few weeks ago, shucking maize with Max, a fellow JF, and Chairman, the head of my household


Snapped in the late afternoon as Mr. Abanga and I are cooking an evening meal.


Hanging out in the office at the end of the day with Rose, who is helping Director with his change project.

At the football field while watching the local team play, with Hamza, a recent friend.

Having a quick go on the slackline during my lunch break. Great entertainment for my colleagues, many of whom have now tried it!

Here I am in one of my real Ghanaian dresses! Very proud of this one, and I'm hanging out beside my compound with some kids as we're waiting for a naming ceremony to get into full swing.

And now that you’ve seen rather a lot of me, I hope that you can be satisfied that I am keeping happy, and more or less healthy as I’m here in Karaga, Ghana.


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What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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2 Responses to Me

  1. seppyca says:

    Beautiful dress Janine! Looks like you’re having a great time. Just a quick update: George Roter is coming to visit us on Thurs, Grace is planning for the advocacy black box event on Oct 17, Krista and Joyce have sent out all the emails to high schools and have already heard back from interested classes, Rohini’s doing a great job organizing Halala (we’re nailing down a venue) and she’s hoping to have a BBQ soon, Surrey just had 2 days of APSCI, George finally got the GE passed by ENSC UCC (although still a bit more red tape to go through), Kevin and I just attended the USCL meeting where we gave the dean an update on our activities (they were impressed), we’ve submitted the funding proposal to Dr. Jones for review, we might start meeting regularly with WEG/ESSS/other engg clubs, we were asked to attend some high school recruitment presentations, Alex is now the new VP of Communications (just sent out her first newsletter woohoo!), Nezam’s getting a team together for reverse-trick-or-treating, Kyaelim ran her first ML session last week, and I believe Fraser’s helping to plan a few more GE presentations at Surrey.

    Whew, I hope I didn’t miss anything! I’m very excited that things are well under way =D

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