Rasta Drugs

Blast from the past, back to the future. Traditional vs. contemporary ways to get high in Ghana.

I was walking through the market  and, as always, stumbling upon new people who want to be my friend. This one in particular is the nephew of one of the elders in my community of Nangong-ayeli, and he was selling kola nuts, which are traditional gifts if you are going to visit someone to ask for something, or talk to them about an issue. My new friend gave me a few to try. They are loaded with caffeine apparently, but I didn’t experience the buzz because my first bite was so bitter that I decided that I didn’t need to continue for the moment. Perhaps in the future I will try this strange drug again. And be able to sufficiently subdue my facial expression so I don’t offend anyone.

The topic of illegal drugs arose when I fist-pounded with my friend Rafik, and his onlooker friend told me that I shouldn’t be associating myself with Rastas! Wow! “Why?” I asked. Because they do bad things, like smoke Gonja (weed) and take cocaine. And I asked “Why are those bad?” to see his response. Apparently Gonja makes you crazy, so I mildly corrected that perhaps just a bit stupid. They both thought this was hilarious, and I am wondering now how deep I am digging my “Rasta” rep here. At least these people have no conception of our BC infamy in this area.


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2 Responses to Rasta Drugs

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  2. Danny Reid says:

    always a good plan not to endorse or condemn something that may be seen as a totally different entity in a different society,might be harmless, might bite you, why even get to close if your not sure? You certainly don’t want rumor or conjecture about your character to get in your way? Dad Tread softly as you appear to have been doing so far, We both love a healthy discussion or a little contrary thinking but there are subjects that are,not just can be, a minefield, and drugs is one Luv U

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