O Avocado

Before I found you, life was okay. It was fine, really. But experiencing you has created a light in me that cannot be extinguished.

At first I was shy. I didn’t know whether to approach your bulbous darkness, so different from your relatives that I have known. From procuring you in the dusty market, to carefully excavating your succulent flesh to put on my open-faced sandwiches, you have enabled such an excitement in me that cannot be paralleled by any other food here. Your cool sweet goodness makes those around you, like my bread and tomato, shine with a new lustre.

You make my belly pleasantly full, and I am tempted to keep indulging in your refreshing taste even after I am full. This, also, is a quality that no other food here has attained.

While you are only available to me every six days at the market, I will make every endeavor to plan for your existence in my life beyond your brief appearance for sale. You are worth so much more to me than the 50 GHp that was your market price. I know that, in the future, you will continue to be mine.


About Janine Reid

What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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6 Responses to O Avocado

  1. Ahahaha AMAZING. Seems like you have been reading some romance lately (or getting romantic text messages?)…. haha nice work Janine!!

  2. Grace says:

    Hahaha! This brightened my day. 🙂

  3. Siera Vercillo says:

    I have yet to get on this avocado bus in Ghana…perhaps that is what is missing in my diet. The cravings are endless…it is paining me

  4. maxipowghana says:

    Reading this is like torture! Avocado season is now over :s… I’m not sure i’ll make it through …

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