Select snippets from the past few days:

I am surrounded by uproarious laughter in the gathering gloaming, as the people of Komoayeli, a nearby village, teach Marc-André and I how to dance.

The crunch of the grit in my first home-cooked Ghanaian meal, rice balls and groundnut soup with goat’s liver. Delicious, but gritty nonetheless.

The thunder on the tin roof makes me wonder if the whole world is washing away.

I am having a conversation with the keeper of the guest house and feeding centre where I am staying. Our common history of entymology and shared dreams of becoming doctors are surprisingly congruous.

Trapped by the torrent of water running over the path. I take the plunge…my internet stick is on the other side of a damp walk.

Buying the most beautiful cloth in the market. I am being charged a lot for one and just a bit for the other (9 GHC and 3.5 GHC, about $6 and $2.50 per yard). The difference? I can’t tell at this point. (edit: I have since realised that I bought twice as much of the “expensive” one, so it was only 4.5 GHC per yard, which is quite reasonable. Yay for understanding what I am purchasing!)

My first uses at Agric (MoFA): having the best handwriting and so putting the names of farmers who have successfully completed their seed germination and planting course on their fancy certificates, and in the field looking at the beautiful demo plot of the village assemblyman, and taking photos with the digital camera as everyone receives their certificates of recognition.

Internet battles. Who knew how spoiled I am in Canada?

Sitting out of the rain (saa in Dagbani, the local language) and watching part of a Dagban movie with my friend at the one juice shop in town.

Going to eat at the same yam and beans seller for three days in a row, and the little boy not crying when he sees me. Victory is sweet.


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What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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3 Responses to Select snippets from the past few days:

  1. Joa says:

    Thank you for this post 🙂 It reminded me of my time in Kenya. I hope you are well, you are sorely missed here. Preparing my backpack to go study at a cafe today, I reached for my phone to invite you on my academic adventures. And then I remembered, you are miles away in a parallel reality.
    I hope you are well friend! Let me know if we can skype, or if you have a number I can call you at.

    Best of luck (and wear sunscreen!)

  2. I love the feeling of this post and the reflections on little moments in time – thank you for sharing them!

  3. Mike says:

    Tell me about this Juice shop! Why do they play movies there? Can you post pictures? I would love to see this cloth.

    That is sweet that you are getting to go out to the field, even if it is just to take photos. Are there any baller farmers in your district (sorry are they called districts?). Is everything rain-fed or do they farm in the dry season too? When did the rains start and will they end when you are there?

    I’m really enjoying the style of your blog posts! I actually feel like I am there! Keep it up Janine…

    – Mike

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