Ghana, here I am

Well, I respond to the loud “tssssssst!” that people use to get your attention. The air is heavy with water, in a different way altogether from the Vancouver humidity. There are a ton of people outside in the cities all of the time, where they’re mainly engaged in retail, whereas in Vancouver those ton of people are constantly in transit. The bananas are smaller, but they are absolutely delicious. My cell phone is probably more complicated than the one I have in Canada. There are chickens on the side of the highways. The bus I took from Accra in the South to Tamale in the North is easily the most luxurious bus I have ever been on (take that greyhound!). The trees here are beautiful and dark green, but leafy instead of conifers. There are grassfires on the side of the road in much the same way that the interior of BC lights up. Unfinished buildings litter the side of the road, not because people forgot about them or didn’t realize they would run out of money, but because they have invested their financial assets in it like a bank account, and that balance will increase until they have a building they can use. Sometimes a lack of liquidity is about the best thing you can ask for in a volatile financial environment. My mosquito net last night was held up by a bungee cord, and it takes 12 hours to get 2/3 the way across a country smaller than BC. The movies played on the bus are like North American reality tv.

Ghana here I am, and here I will be for the months to come.


About Janine Reid

What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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2 Responses to Ghana, here I am

  1. Kyaelim says:

    Ghana- so far- sounds like a lovely place.
    I can sense that your adventure will be far more interesting than a reality TV show. 😀

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