Opening thoughts

Pursuit of the “why” has always been a staple of my life. It’s a good thing my parents were patient.

Each step is a new opportunity to create something for yourself, and others. My next steps in exploring my role in international development take the form of a Junior Fellow 4-month volunteer placement with Engineers without Borders Canada.

I think “why” is only important when there is an opportunity cost to your actions. It is important to recognise these costs, to avoid walking blindly and aimlessly through life.

The opportunity costs of my JF placement:
A semester of school
4 months from my partner in crime
A semester away from my chapter
My job as a Reslife Community Advisor
SFU Senate or Residence Hall Association positions
remaining in my comfort zone
retaining my current perspective

Time will tell


About Janine Reid

What is Janine? -board game enthusiast -political observer -Vancouverite -questioner -listener -health provider
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